NewAir AI-100BK Portable Icemaker

The NewAir Al-100BK Portable Icemaker in Black with Indicator Lights Review – The NewAir AI-100BK Portable Icemaker is compact and light at a little over 30 pounds. It plugs into a regular outlet, so special requirements are not necessary. The black design goes with any kitchen décor or anywhere else users may want to put the product. It is easily transferrable to the outdoors, as well.  Because the NewAir AI-100BK Portable Icemaker will begin producing ice within 6 minutes, it is absolutely great for parties, picnics, vacations, camping, bonfires, and any other get together where drinks are on the menu.

Overall Product Rating: ★★★★☆

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This particular product has indicator lights, like add water, to make the process an easy one. There are three different sizes of ice cubes to choose from and the unit has 9 pieces of ice ready within the first 6 to 15 minutes, so users don’t have to wait too long for an icy experience.

It has the ability to make 6 to 10 cups per hour and holds up to ½ gallon of ice in the machine before it automatically shuts off and needs to be emptied.

NewAir AI-100BK Portable Icemaker Features

  • Contemporary black design compliments any décor
  • Produces ice in as little as 15 minutes
  • Side-mounted drain makes cleaning a snap
  • Doesn’t require permanent installation, so it’s perfect for outdoor use, too
  • Sleek and compact; perfect for the countertop
  • Great customer reviews on this ice machine
  • Large water reservoir
  • Stainless steel ice cube maker

NewAir AI-100BK Portable Icemaker Reviews

NewAir AI100BK Portable Icemaker review The reviews for the NewAir 100BK portable ice maker are very favorable, with only a few of the clients reviewed having problems. The biggest problem, however, definitely seems to be customer service at Air & Water, the manufacturer of the NewAir portable ice maker.

They require customers returning an item to have a ‘return code’ that is issued by them, although every customer that submitted a review were still waiting on that call back for the return code. It is reported that customer service is rude and inattentive.

Another issue is that there seems to be a design flaw with the sensor placement, as ice gets lodged behind it and the unit shuts off, citing ‘add water’, although there is no water needed. There is also a problem with the water pump, as several customers have had issues with that part suddenly stop working. Unrelated, customers said that lemon juice can take care of the plastic smell and taste that is in the first few batches.

The manufacturer claims there is a warranty, but there is no warranty card or related manufacturer information contained with the product. Those customers that was actually able to get in touch with customer service had to look the information up through other methods.

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The customers that have had a positive experience really enjoy the consistency of the NewAir AI-100BK Portable Icemaker. It produces 9 cubes of ice every 6 minutes and between 6 to 10 cups every hour. The unit is reportedly quiet, except for when it is dropping the ice cubes into the plastic tray/ bin. It also expels quite a bit of heat from the compressor during the ice making process.

NewAir AI-100BK Portable Icemaker Review Summary

Users also love the sleek black color as it coordinates with most kitchen decors. Otherwise, the NewAir AI-100BK Portable Icemaker seems to be a helpful addition any place that ice is needed.

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